institution of jirisan cultural studies 지리산권 문화의 지방문화 특성을 통한 미래의 인문학적 가치 창출


Step 1 (2007 – 2010) : Prepare the Ground for the Establishment of the Studies of Jiri Mountain

  • - Published 27 source books on various areas of studies of Mt. Jiri
  • - Holds the first international symposium on famous mountain cultures in Korea
  • - Searched for the methods for Jiri Mountain to be designated as World Cultural Heritage
  • - Opened humanistic classes, called , for the citizen

Step 2 (2010 – 2013) : Focused Research on the Cultures of Jiri Mountain

  • - Research Area: Published 50 thesis and 21 books
  • - Confirmed the possibility of discussion for the humanisties and civilization history of mountains for the first time in the academic world
  • - Academic Area: Lead the research on mountainous cultures by opening more than 20 domestic and internal symposiums
  • - Internalization: Ensured its leading position in the studies of mountainous cultures by establishing East Asian Association of Mountainous Culture with 6 university research centers in 4 East Asian countries (Korea, Japan, China, and Vietnam) in 2010
  • - Education : Spread the research results to the society
    Have ongoing classes of , Expanded opening of training classes for the various cultural professionals, strengthened the local network

Step 3 (2013 – current): Overall Understanding of the Cultures of Jiri Mountain & Seek Future Research Directions

Pursued an overall understanding of the cultures of Jiri Mountain by intensifying and spreading the research, academic and education agenda & seeking future research directions

Intensification of Focused Research

  • - Established East Asian Association of Mountainous Culture with 6 other organizations in 4 different countries including Korea, Japan, China and Vietnam
  • - Intensified the agenda through various academic conferences that analyze other famous mountains, such as Mt.Halla, Mt.Geumgang, Mt.Sorak
  • - Enhanced the research manpower and strengthened the stature of this center through domestic and international conferences on famous mountains
  • - Internationalized the research results by publishing academic journals in English

Popularization and Spread of the Research Results

  • - Promoted the social spread of the research results to the citizen through the humanistic classes, such as (Mt.Jiri Humanities) and (Mt.Jiri Around Schools)
  • - Opened major courses related to the studies of Jiri Mountain in the Sunchon National University
  • - Shared the research results with local residents through various methods in the class of Published journals in Jiri Mountain regions to understand the culture better, attract interests and strengthen the connection with the local residents

Comprehensive Research Results

  • - Published a series book(total of 30 volumes) about humanities of Mt.Jiri that integrates the results of 8 years of research